Tariff rates

Tariff policy of “Baltic Fleet” LLC

         “Baltic Fleet” LLC provides towage services in port “Bolshoy Port of St. Petersburg” and Ust-Luga on the basis of the terms of contract in  accordance  with international rules and laws of the Russian Federation.

          Concluded in writing contracts reflect the mutual obligations of the Parties for providing towage services depending on the number of the Customer’s ship calls, types and sizes of the served vessels, areas and port terminals, seasonality of ship calls and other prevailing conditions and circumstances of work with the Customer’s vessels.

      In the contract individual tariff rates are set for each Customer:

  • under the terms of rates: hour rate, lumpsum, modular, through rate for the year, combined;
  • under the terms of payment: in rubles, c.u., foreign currency (with the foreign Сustomers);
  • with granting of preferences: seasonal discounts, through rate and so on.

         The Customer, depending on individually developed conditions of work the most adapted to him, gets the best rates that allow him to exclude unreasonable expenses for towage service.

         For the Customers who do not have written contractual relationship, work is carried out on the basis of the contract concluded verbally – at the request of the Customer. The payment for rendered towage services is made on the basis of the existing general Tariff rates of “Baltic Fleet” LLC, approved by the Order of the Director General. In this case, the Customer guarantees payment under the conditions set forth in the tariff rates (not taking into account the individual characteristics of work with him).